Today is June 4, 2018- months and months since I last showed up here. Actually I think the last post I wrote was about moving, and that was in November, so …

I’ve done a lot of new things since then, started some projects, have more in the works, and that’s kind of what this conglomeration thing is all about.

I just put out a book called Fitness with Fatties, and it’s a humorous guide to fitness for total stoners. Now, I originally published that book under a pseudonym-Lisa Marie Whyte (of course there’s a story behind that!), but this week I revised the cover so that the author is Lynda (Lisa Marie Whyte) Knight.

I am right now in the process of putting together a bunch of funny essays from my travelling years and calling that a book, and before the end of the year I’ve promised myself that I will record a comedy album and have it playing on satellite radio.

I’ve got a beautiful childrens’ book on the go, and an informative book about health and fitness and how to achieve it, and a ten week course about feeling good. I want to teach big money investors about cryptocurrency, and how to get going with it, I have some images that I will be putting onto merchandise for the Fitness with Fatties empire, and I’m determined to own three investment properties within the next couple of years.

At the moment, I have this site, a blog where I write whatever comes out of my mouth, a Youtube channel that is completely neglected about personal development, 3 Instagram accounts, a website devoted to stoners, and products ranging from the spiritual to sheer entertainment.

You may be grasping the conglomeration title, right about now.

I’m done with this separation of selves! This, livemorerightnow, is going to be the headquarters for Lynda. Healthy Lynda, mouth like a trucker Lynda, I’m selling t-shirts you want a few? Lynda, personal development Lynda, studying neuroscience Lynda, you name it. Does Adam Sandler condone or live like that character of his- the rock star wanna be dad…-no! He does not. Well actually I don’t know if he does, or is, or not. But hell! Nobody seems to be judging him on it. So I wrote a satirical stoner humor book- why not put my name on it?  That doesn’t change or detract from everything else I’ve got going on. It’s only me that I needed to convince- I’m well aware! F*ing mind….

So just a heads up, everyone. I’m multifaceted, and I love it, and it’s all gonna show up here from now on. You can just choose the stuff you like, and leave the rest!