A friend today was telling me how her and her husband have been looking into buying a different house, and how they’ve been mulling it over for months now, and can’t seem to make up their minds if it’s a good idea or not.  I instantly found myself saying “Just make a decision QUICK, like by tonight quick, and know that whatever decision you make you can make right.”

Making decisions quickly, and then working with them is just one of the great ideas I’ve had come into my life since I started studying success and outstanding people. I’m so glad I finally realized the value in listening to, learning from, modeling others. For a very long time I was determined that I had all the answers for me, and didn’t need anyone else’s ideas getting in my way. This, by the way, is the absolute hardest way to go about ANYTHING in life! Leave it to me…

Here are a few more gems that might be absolutely second nature to you, or seem obvious, but for me they were revelations!

1-You can learn absolutely anything. Anything. You can learn character traits, like how to be cheerful, or generous. You can learn how to think differently. You can learn how to be beautiful. You can learn how to create massive wealth. Whatever you want, you can LEARN how to get it. I found this idea of learning to get what I want liberating and empowering. Instead of being hard on myself for not being something or other, I was free to go learn how to be that thing!

2-Parkinsons’ Law. This is the phenomenon of the amount of work taking EXACTLY as long as the amount of time allotted for it. If you give yourself 8 hours to get a job done, it’ll take you 8 hours. Give yourself 3 hours- and it’ll be done in 3.This is a major player in becoming productive at a whole ‘nother level. If you spend an hour responding to emails every morning, give yourself 20 minutes. Believe me, you’ll get it done. Cleaning the house? Same thing. We all know this is true from deadlines we’ve had. Amazingly enough, the project was finished right at the deadline. If that deadline would have been moved up by days- the project would have been finished right at the deadline.

3-Your life determines your values. I learned this from Dr. John Demartini. Look around you in your home. What is prevalent? When I heard this and looked around my house I saw plants, and books about natural health, gardening, the brain…I saw our pets and fruit baskets and organic veggies on the beautiful wood countertops, I saw my computer and my idea books, fitness magazines and workout journals. It is easy to see what a persons’ values really are. Taking that look around my home from that perspective showed me that although I wanted to create more wealth, for example, it quite obviously wasn’t one of my highest values. If it was it would BE somewhere-I would be seeing books about wealth, or investing, for example, out in plain sight.

4-If you do all the same things as someone else, in exactly the same way, with the same consistency- you have to get the same results. Nothing mystifying about it, no room for excuses. Whether or not you will have the discipline to follow through is another story entirely! I really understood this for the first time with bodybuilding in the gym. If I really did train the same way, same exercises, number of sets, number of reps, same intensity, with the same consistency, and fuel my body in the same way- then I would build and shape my muscles just like whoever I was imitating. Want something that someone else has achieved? Do EXACTLY what they did to get it.

And with that I’m going to say goodnight for now. I’m off to sleep in the backyard with Piglet the pig, who still hasn’t set foot in this new place we’re in! If all goes well we’ll be out of here before winter, so she may never ever come into this house. I’ll keep you posted.