The Missing Step

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are dedicated to improving your life in some way or other,(because you’re here!) and with that assumption I’m also going to say that you’ve implemented some changes-maybe very recently, or maybe years ago. Deciding we want to change, creating a strategy to accomplish that change, and then following through on it, step by step, is necessary to get to where we want to be.

If that’s all we ever do, though, we might never get to where we want to be. What if the strategy we chose isn’t working? What if a different strategy could get us results in half the time? I was reminded of the fourth step in creating change while listening to an interview with a super successful online marketer the other day- the review step. The one where we look at the results we’re getting- or not getting!

Doing that sounds absolutely obvious, but as I was listening to the interview I so clearly saw how I’d failed to do this step SO MANY TIMES in the past year! I also saw how much money I could have saved myself by being diligent about reviewing my results. Way more money than I care to admit! Now that’s incentive to make sure I always remember to review my efforts frequently from here on in!

It’s not just me- I remember so many times in my career as a massage therapist listening to clients with chronic problems tell me how they’ve been going to the physio for two years, or doing their stretches every day, as if that means they should be healed. It didn’t  even occur to them that it was time to try a new strategy, as that one obviously wasn’t giving great results!

Another benefit of the review step is that it keeps you engaged in your project, building more momentum than if you weren’t checking in. There’s a saying that what we track increases, and I’ve certainly found this to be true for me. When I keep track of my workouts, or my nutrition, it all improves. When I keep track of my finances, they get better. Maybe I should start keeping track of amazing, funny, motivated, kind MEN and see where that gets me!

I’m glad this has come to my attention now. Taking the time to evaluate my progress is very empowering, and that carries over into all parts of my life. I like how I feel when I’m on top of things, and taking care of business. I have definitely had the bad habit sometimes of avoiding looking at things like finances, or business details, if they weren’t doing well. The good old ostrich trick- which we all know does not work!

I have a call with my coach today- I adore Tony Robbins and his work, and have invested in one of his coaches. Talking with her on our calls forces me to review, and I’m getting much better at this new habit.  If you’re not one of those people who regularly looks at your goals, and how effectively you’re moving toward them, then I’m glad you’re reading this! Do it today, that critical review step. I think you’ll find that you’re more excited and focused about whatever it is you’re working towards once you do!