Hi everyone, and welcome to livemorerightnow .I’m Lynda Knight, I’m on the far side of forty, and I’m in the best shape ever because one fateful day three years ago I walked into a gym and started training with weights like a bodybuilder. And then I started thinking more like a bodybuilder and eating like one, and voila! Here I am today with absolutely every single aspect of my life better than it was before-from my self worth, to my peace of mind to my finances. And I credit all of it to training in the gym. Lifting the good old weights. It has changed not only my body but my very mindset, and that’s a big deal for me, because I spent a lifetime trying to live a beautiful, productive life with a mind that was continually sabotaging my efforts.

I have always been super passionate about feeling good and having a healthy, beautiful life. I never understood those people who just did what everybody else did, or what someone else thought they should do. In my heart I always felt like people should get to do what they want, and that being happy with your life was more important than fitting in or conforming to anyone else’s idea of what was acceptable.

So instead of heading off to university after high school I bought a ticket to summertime -New Zealand and Australia, and was gone for more than a year, finishing my trip with a couple months in Thailand, where I felt right at home. That trip was the beginning of years of living a very different life than anyone I knew growing up. I got a gig teaching skiing in Japan for a few months a year that gave me a free ticket from Canada to Bangkok, and I would spend the rest of the year in Thailand, India, Nepal, Canada…wherever I wanted to, pretty much!

I learned different languages, met the most amazing people, spent my time in the most beautiful places on earth and was exposed to an entirely different way of being and thinking than anything I had grown up with. Sometimes people from back home would ask me when I was going to face reality, but by that point I had begun to recognize the fact that “reality” is whatever you make it to be. This was my reality! I really was dancing in bamboo forests and on the beach in Goa, and hiking in Ladahk and flying to Chile to watch the longest total solar eclipse of our lifetime. (6 minutes, by the way, and all the long-haired Nasa dudes were there to watch it too. It was amazing.)

I made money in markets in Italy and Goa and Canada, selling food, clothing, jewellry. I even made some money being a juggler! Life was going well, certainly not dull, and the only thing missing was me being happy with me, emotionally, mentally, physically. I looked allright, but not ever really as great as I wanted to. Back then I thought being skinny was the goal, and would make me feel good. I did manage to get there a few times, but I could never maintain it and actually eat!

In the end, I couldn’t sustain that life of freedom not because it wasn’t real, or good, but because I had never gotten over my own mental glitches- the negativity bias of my brain, the total lack of self-worth, the self-destruction that resulted. I had the most beautiful baby in the world with the worst possible “choice” of mate, and when she was 6 months old I realized that I had to leave the abuse if she had any chance at a good life. It was either back to the Himalayas, or Canada. And the pull of home won out.

I started a small organic food business, because back then there was no organic food to be found in my part of the world -Alberta!-and home schooled my daughter so we could be free. We went to Hawai’i lots and camped on a beach and swam with wild dolphins and humpback whales, we went to Oregon and learned how to build cob houses, we slept outside and rode our bikes and made art and had lots of pets, we lived on Salt Spring Island one year and she went to the most gorgeous little Waldorf school…

And I grew up as a mama and a person, and learned a lot of personal development skills that served me well.I learned to put my mind where my body was and started to feel less tortured mentally, more positive, happier. I started to really like who I was. I learned all sorts of techniques and personal skills to become more of the person I had always wanted to be. But through it all my main focus was always on the spiritual or health side of things, never in really improving my physical form, and never ever on becoming financially wealthy!

So yes, even though my outside life was not all travel and beaches and crazy gorgeous experiences, my internal life was of a much better quality than ever. Until, that is, it happened. The debt. Buying a house seemed like the right idea, not throwing money away on rent and all that, but boy did I head into debt pretty heavy after that! Add to the mix a propensity to let awful people take advantage of my weaknesses, and life wasn’t very easy at all.I was just surviving, being the kind of person I had seen other people become but never imagined would be me! I was stuck.

Again, I realized that it was my own mindset that had allowed this to happen. I was way in debt, more than a hundred thousand dollars in debt, working as a massage therapist, not earning enough money to pay for life, and feeling like a failure. Red wine became a very good friend of mine. My saving grace through that time was all of the personal development work I had done over the years. I knew enough not to blame anyone else for my situation, I knew that moping around all day wasn’t going to change anything for the better, I knew that I had to find something to feel good about and focus on if I was to have any happiness and peace of mind in the day. My morning run was that thing. It kept me in ok shape, and gave me some clarity and hopeful feelings, but I still wasn’t managing to make the changes necessary for our lives to turn around and be good again, really good.

It was my daughter who saved us. She discovered women who were creating gorgeous bodies for themselves by lifting weights. A lot of women. Like so many of us, she was down on herself for not being skinny. Trying to be skinny by eating as little as possible and doing hours of cardio only made everything worse. I fell into the same mindset.

Eternal gratitude to the sport of bodybuilding for making the bikini category! Here were women who were not looking like guys, who were actually beautiful, who ate real food and lots of it, and had the nicest shapes on the planet! Check out people like Michelle Lewin, Paige Hathaway, Katie Hearn, Jen Heward, to name a few. These women were not born with bodies like that, they made them!

I, of course, at first resisted, until that miracle of a day when I finally listened to my girl and went to the gym with her. And then I saw one of her magazines about weight lifting, and the bodies in it, and realized it was just a process. Something I could do! A plan of action!

I said to myself, “Lynda, if you train like that gorgeous woman trains, and you eat like she eats, you will have a body like she has. If it worked for everybody else, it’s gotta work for you too. Guaranteed.” And so I did. I did it, and I kept at it, and guess what? It worked! But the bigger magic in all of it was that training at the gym like that affected every other part of my life immensely. It wasn’t a conscious thing at all, but it was a tangible, noticeable difference.

Following a plan of action and getting the results in the gym gave me a feeling of confidence in my ability to change the other parts of my life that weren’t working. I stopped giving up so easily and started to dream of a bright future again. I started to really take the stuff I was learning from all those self-help books and personal development videos and actually apply it! What a novel idea! If I could do it with my body, I could do it with my finances, and I could do it in my work life.

I love walking around in this strong, beautiful body! Gone are those old petty feelings of jealousy if I see a woman in great shape.(And that ridiculous idea that she’s probably not very bright, or kind, or “spiritual”.) Now that I know what it took for her to get there, I have respect and a sense of kinship. It’s also pretty hard to maintain a low sense of self worth when you know you are physically strong and capable of more than ever before. Good luck to the arsehole who takes me for an easy mark these days! I revel in everything that I am capable of, physically and otherwise. My sense of strength and accomplishment in the gym permeates every part of my existence, and I now face adversity head on, because I know that if I keep going, I will win. The success I have had so far in building my body has made me a much better person.

It’s a very different result than I ever got from going for a run, or doing cardio exercises.The whole mindset of building my body is exactly the opposite of how I used to think, and has empowered me to fight for my life again, and that of my daughter. There are so many measurable successes for my brain to feel good about and therefore release hormones and chemicals that increase my level of well-being- from the increasing weight on the bar, to the changing shape of my body, to the power of my legs, to the strength of my mind…This has all carried through to how I handle myself in every situation and every part of life. I have found that winning in the gym has made me feel like a winner in life.

And food is no longer the enemy! I have a completely new perspective on having a lean, sexy body and how eating contributes to that. You gotta eat if you want to build muscle! That’s another reason why training with weights really works and feels so good- it is sustainable. Gone are the days of feeling guilty about eating, the most basic of physical necessities!

In the three years since I started training with weights, my daughter and I have faced the worst of times, much harder than anything before, but we made it through. It was the gym that saved our lives, over and over, our focus there, and the knowledge that in that one part of life at least, we were in control of the results. One part of life affects every part of life, I have learned. It is impossible to feel beaten down and hopeless in your financial life when you are kicking ass in the gym! Reaching and surpassing bigger and bigger physical goals reinforced my confidence in my ability to achieve more in any pursuit. I used to aim for paying the bills. My financial goal for this year alone is to pass the one million dollar mark!

I can assure you that I am not the only one who attributes weight training with the goal of creating a body you want with the power to affect the quality of your life! Mine is just one story of many.

As I look back, I see that there are lots of pieces to the puzzle of becoming the person I always wanted to be, and I needed all of them. What I’ve learned through it all is that it’s a two way street,the relationship of the body and the mind-each affects the other. You can positively impact the way your brain functions by changing your body, and vice versa. Let me tell you that it is a whole lot easier to start by changing the way your body is, than to try and change the way your mind works!!

Because I know the difference between feeling good and feeling so very very bad, between hating how I look to loving being me, I want to help everyone else who’s in the same boat that I was once in. The sinking one! It doesn’t have to be so hard! You really can have a life you adore, you really can get in awesome shape, no matter where you are right now. And yes, you really can have the financial freedom you’ve always wanted. Believe me, I know. I am proof that there is life after debt.

This site is dedicated to sharing everything I know to get you to where you want to be, through weight training courses, and nutrition plans, to techniques and courses for feeling good, to introducing you to the most awesome inspiring people that I have learned from, to how I am making money online doing so many things that I love and believe in.

Here’s to your success and happiness! xo Lynda

Lynda Knight

Lynda Knight

Lynda Knight has been, at various times and phases, a hippy, an extreme budget world traveller, a super-judgemental vegetarian, an anti-technology freak, a back to the earth mama, totally broke but happy, totally broke and miserable,a ski instructor in Japan, a waitress, the queen of a small organic food business and everything from chubby to flabby to skinny to downright fat! Like a lot of people, she used to think that running as much as you could and trying not to eat was how to get a great body. That idea coincided exactly with the broke phase, by the way. These days, she's lifting the heaviest weights she can get a grip on, and tries never to miss a meal, 'cuz she knows that this is really how you get a fantastic body- you build it! She's still rubbing people down for money in her work as a massage therapist, but spending lots more time teaching people how to use the gym to get in the best shape ever, and loving this internet life where there is money to be made doing stuff she loves, believes in, and totally enjoys.