Tony Robbins calls it net time- no extra time- time. When you’re driving, or tidying up the house, for example. Things that need to be done and take time- but the kind of time that you can also use to be improving in the ways that you want to be by learning.

My latest favorite tool for this is the Audible app. It’s an app that downloads talking books, which you can then listen to anywhere whether you’ve got a wifi connection or not. The subscription costs abut fifteen dollars a month, and gives you a monthly free credit. One credit gets you any book you choose, and you’ve then got it forever. Anything excellent that’s worth listening to once, is worth listening to again, I figure. Once your credit for the month is used you can always purchase books at varying prices.

I mostly use the app for education/personal development books, but last winter when I found myself without a fiction book to read right before falling asleep and wanting one, I decided to have a talking story instead. Adults- this is the bomb! Remember being a little kid and loving storytime? Someone else did all the work, and you got to let your imagination fill in the details…well, welcome back to that!

I’ve got books like Think and Grow Rich, Psychocybernetics, Sell or Be Sold, and You Were Born Rich in my Audible library so far. Books with ideas that I want to hear over and over again so I eventually just live them automatically. I listen to them while doing cardio at the gym, while driving, when I’m toodling around the house, in airports and on planes.

Since I heard that phrase from Tony, I’ve realized just how much extra time we all really do have! Most people absolutely waste it by filling their minds with trivia about some celebrity in Los Angeles, or worrying about what might go wrong five years down the road. It’s been years since I got into this habit of feeding my mind, and I’m so very grateful for all of the beautiful, helpful, and yes,life changing! content I’ve had the pleasure of taking in.

Time is all we have, really. How we use our time becomes our story, it turns into what we’ve lived. I adore filling my time right up with more experiences, more joy, more intelligent conversations, more fun, more of all the good juice that makes me vibrant and exuberant and happy.

Check out the Audible app-I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you too!