beliefs are like clothes

Beliefs are like clothes, people. Plain and simple. Think about it like this:

When you’re a baby, the big people around you, like your parents, choose everything that you wear, when you wear it, what’s appropriate for you to wear, etc.

This carries on when you’re a small child, until one day you look in your closet and maybe say “Hey! I want to wear this today!” If you have good parents then they will let you, unless it’s minus 40 and you’re pointing at your short shorts. Then, if they’ve got their heads on straight, they will still let you wear your short shorts but help you to understand that you need to put your snowpants on over top.

So then you’re at the stage where you’re choosing what you wear, but only from a closet of clothes that someone else picked for you, right?

This goes on for pretty much your whole childhood, and then when you hit up the teenage years you probably start picking out your own clothes. Lots of the time your folks might not like your choices, and they might be sure to let you know about that. Hopefully you don’t have to fight too hard to get to wear the things you like.

Now you are all grown up. You are free to pick and choose what you wear. I hope you are buying your own clothes, and I really really hope you’re buying stuff you like and that makes you feel fantastic! You are the one who decides if it’s comfortable for you or not, if it fits your personality or not, all of that kind of thing.

Guess what? Your beliefs are no different from that. This is not an excuse to go blaming your folks because your life isn’t a bed of roses right now! This is just to let you know that when you were little you had no choice about what to believe and whether it was true for you or not. What you grew up with was your reality. What your parents believed is how they lived and how they saw the world, and so that’s how you lived and saw the world too.

Just like you grew up and get to pick out your own clothes- well the same goes for your beliefs. Most of the time, however, we don’t recognize that what we believe is actually our choice. We treat the beliefs that we grew up surrounded by and molded by as absolute truths.

Enter your brain. Your brain is fantastically powerful. As a matter of fact, the greatest neuroscientists alive have no idea just how powerful the human brain is, but what they are sure of is that every day they find out that it’s more powerful than anybody can even imagine.

Your brain wants to keep you alive and safe. Your brain also uses about 25% of all the energy in your body trying to do that. So what your brain really wants is to conserve energy! Once it has “thought” a certain way a few times with good results( you’re still alive), it automatically thinks that way again and again.

Now what you’ve got is a pattern of thinking, and after a while that pattern turns into a belief. This is not something you even consciously think about, it just is. For example, if you came from a wealthy family who were prospering and life was easy, you may have a pattern of thinking that it’s easy to make money. Your brain will automatically default to those kind of thoughts. That’s what you believe, deep inside.

That is a great belief to have, by the way! Hold onto that one! But there are lots of other beliefs you could have grown up with that may not serve you so well, and those are the ones you want to change, just like you want to change your clothes as you grow out of them.

First off you have to tell yourself that changing your mindset is possible. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the old “But I can’t control my thoughts!” BS. Ok- granted- we don’t control every thought that enters our minds, but we do absolutely have a choice to either keep thinking it, or CHOOSE a different thought. One that feels better.

That’s called being a grown up, people. That’s called taking charge of your life. If you don’t take charge of your mind, how are you ever going to be in charge of your life, and make it what you want it to be?

Believe me when I say that I know it’s not easy! I know exactly how “not easy” it can be, and that’s how I finally got to where I am now: I learned from other people. People who had done what I was continually trying to do, people who had succeeded, like this guy.

By my mid-forties, I was living a financial nightmare, despite working lots and spending little. Super frustrated with my situation, I kept saying to myself “I’m way too smart for this!” What really made me sit up and take notice of John Assaraf and his programs was when my daughter was diagnosed with a brain disorder that all the doctors said was very difficult to treat. I threw myself into researching how to heal the brain, and found tonnes of information about how it is possible to rehabilitate the brain, and change the way it works.

All of this hopeful and inspiring information was coming straight from the worlds top neuroscientists and researchers, and I found out about most of it through John Assaraf on his Youtube videos and website. The more I learned, the clearer it became to me that here was an opportunity to help not only my daughter, but also myself! My financial struggles, among other things, were making a lot more sense, and not only that, I was beginning to feel like I could finally get over whatever was causing them for once and for all.

Every year for the past five years, John has put together a BRAIN-A-THON, an online event where he gathers together the top brain people from around the world to teach and share what they’ve learned, and it was there that I heard about his course, Winning the Game of Money.

Here we are 6 months later, after taking the course, and everything has changed for me. This website, for one, would not exist if I hadn’t had the help to change my beliefs and start something new. I now think in very different ways when it comes to money, and I have way more of it than I did last year! It really wasn’t that hard to do, once I got started, but without the knowledge and guidance and clarity that the course gives, I don’t know if I ever would have reached this point!

The beliefs we hold, on an unconscious level, are the framework within which we experience everything in our lives, and which determine the levels of success that we are having. If you really want to make lasting changes in your life, you’ve got to make sure you are operating from a belief system that allows you to get to where you want to be. I changed my world immensely with this three month program, and you can too!

The amount of information and value that John brings to the world is astounding, and he will do so again later on this year at the next Brain-a Thon, but in the meantime check this out to see for yourself what he has to offer!

To your success, Lynda

How weight training increases your chances of success in business and finance!

That’s a pretty lofty claim to make, yet here I am advertising it out to the world and ready to stand behind it 100%. And no, that’s not just some gimmick headline designed to grab your attention and entice you to buy some hand weights or a gym membership! I truly believe this because I have lived it, me, personally. I also know that I’m not the only one! Let me explain…

I have been a fairly active person for most of my life. Like a lot of us, I certainly did fall by the wayside a few times and get way too heavy and out of shape, but generally speaking I’ve pretty much always been athletic and capable of doing the things I wanted to. For the majority of my life I can say that I considered myself to be a fit and healthy person.

Running seemed to be the “thing” in my family. or town, or group of friends. So that’s what I did. I went out for a run, and that was my focus on exercise for the day. Don’t get me wrong here, I loved that time spent running! I still do, if I decide I want to go out for a run. I love the feeling, and the clarity it cultivates in my mind, and everything about it.

But I’m talking about business, financial gain, feeling empowered, changing your life kind of stuff right now. And I can honestly say that hitting the gym, training with weights, looking for that constant gain and getting it, has done more for me in this regard than any amount of running, cardio, or DVD class. Ever. Hands down.

I can tell you that at the time that I finally started lifting three years ago, my family was in a crisis. I was struggling to put decent food on the table, oftentimes choosing between gas in the car or a salad for dinner. I was stuck, and down, and couldn’t see a way out. I certainly didn’t feel like I was making any progress towards what I had thought my life was going to be like, let alone just getting out of this mess, and I sure wasn’t walking around feeling accomplished and strong on a daily basis. As a matter of fact most of what I could see about my life situation was that I was failing!

I went to the gym at first reluctantly, at my daughters’ request, doing mostly cardio and biceps curls because I didn’t know what else to do! Through her interest in the sport of bodybuilding I was exposed to the idea of shaping my body. Not just getting skinny, or losing weight, but actually creating a form and proportions that I wanted.

I watched Youtube videos, checked out websites, learned from magazines. It was all the same idea: do this, like this, and you will eventually look like this. I watched how it worked exactly like that for all these other people. Women with bodies that I honestly thought a person had to be born with, all made in the gym. This was foolproof! If you did it, and you did it right, you got the results. EVERYBODY got the results. I had never before felt so confident in my ability to succeed  in anything, so inspired, so motivated, until that realization.

So I did it. I jumped right in and did what the people who had bodies and levels of fitness like I was aspiring to have did. I don’t think I need to tell you that it worked! I saw definition in my arms like never before. The weight I couldn’t lift a week ago I could suddenly do three sets of ten with. I was aware of my muscles, and began noticing how much stronger I was just doing everyday things. I went to bed at night thinking about hamstring exercises, and couldn’t wait to get out of bed and make my training plan for the day!

This empowered me like pretty much nothing I had ever experienced in my life before. It was a tangible feeling of “I did this!”. Not just one flukey win, or a one time victory, but something that I had focused my efforts on and realized. And continued to do. I felt strong. Hell! I was strong! Stronger than ever before in my whole life, and this carried over into everything.

I began to recognize that I was following a plan of action, and in so doing, I was getting to where I wanted to be. I didn’t even consciously think about applying this to the rest of my life, it just happened.

Yes, people’s lives do change when they get fitter, stick to any new and supportive habit, do whatever it is they told themselves they were going to start doing. And that does spill over into the rest of life. But like I said before, no new habit or physical regime has ever impacted my life in terms of success, business and finance the way my time in the gym has, and here’s why:

First off, training with weights is so measurable, so quantifiable. You see your improvement with every gym session, right there in front of you as the numbers on the bar or dumbbells increase. Or you see your progress and hear it when you’re counting out your reps, and you do fifteen with a ten pound weight when last week you could only squeak out eight.

The way your progress shows in your body is another big factor. Lifting weights with a proper training plan and using proper form increases muscle mass and decreases body fat. This is obvious, I know, but it bears repeating and understanding! Just going out for a run, or hitting the elliptical will burn calories, and you will probably lose fat, but your body composition doesn’t change like it does when you train with weights. It is undeniable that when you are moving through your day in a body that you made, that is strong and capable, and powerful, your confidence soars.

The amount of positive responses that you can receive from the brain is increased with weight training because you are improving upon so many things, seeing so many different little successes. Whenever you accomplish a task that you feel good about, and then think about it and recognize it, your brain releases dopamine. Happy stuff. So when you are training with weights, you have so many more opportunities to get those little chemical responses.Shoulders more defined, quads can push twenty pounds more than last week, you discover a new way to work triceps- that kind thing.

There is also no denying the fact that other successful people, truly successful people, recognize the discipline and hard work that went into you changing your body, and they respect that. They will look at you as a success in this way, and be more apt to spend time with you, or mentor you. Associating with people who have created successful lives gets you there that much faster. Sure there will be people who are jealous, or petty, or negative about your progress, but those people are not truly successful people, no matter how rich they are.

Since I started training with weights, and consciously building my body to my specifications, every aspect of my life has changed and improved. There is a saying that goes like this-as you do one thing, so you do all things. Training with weights, constantly striving to lift more, with better form, for maximum results, has instilled in me a mind set that carries through automatically to my financial story, what I do for a livelihood, the business I am building.

It is because I took actions and got the results that I wanted, consistently, that I am now in this place of success. Gone are the days of feeling stuck, spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, being broke. I have changed a lot of things since I picked up that first weight, learned tonnes, developed great habits, embarked on a much bigger journey than the one I was living.

If you want to change your life, then you have to change yourself. And if you changing your body is your focus right now, then why not give yourself the absolute best possibility for success, and get to the gym!



Lynda Knight

Lynda Knight

Lynda Knight has been, at various times and phases, a hippy, an extreme budget world traveller, a super-judgemental vegetarian, an anti-technology freak, a back to the earth mama, totally broke but happy, totally broke and miserable,a ski instructor in Japan, a waitress, the queen of a small organic food business and everything from chubby to flabby to skinny to downright fat! Like a lot of people, she used to think that running as much as you could and trying not to eat was how to get a great body. That idea coincided exactly with the broke phase, by the way. These days, she's lifting the heaviest weights she can get a grip on, and tries never to miss a meal, 'cuz she knows that this is really how you get a fantastic body- you build it! She's still rubbing people down for money in her work as a massage therapist, but spending lots more time teaching people how to use the gym to get in the best shape ever, and loving this internet life where there is money to be made doing stuff she loves, believes in, and totally enjoys.