In exactly the same way that I enjoy real, beautiful, healthy food way more than junk food, I also enjoy and crave beautiful thoughts and input for my mind. My body feels amazing and vital because I eat the way I do, and I swear my brain physically feels the energy of whatever I am watching or listening to.  As you can imagine, I don’t spend too much time- ie: NONE!-watching tv, the news, scrolling through Facebook, etc. Not only do I find it a complete waste of my time, but it feels like garbage to me.

I don’t want garbage in my body, and I sure don’t want it in my thoughts either. Not to say I won’t watch a great action movie every now and then, or something super funny, but the majority of my watching/listening time is definitely devoted to learning, researching, growing as a person- that kind of thing. Last winter I got into the habit of listening to a guided meditation every day, and enjoyed these particular ones so much that I thought I’d pass them along.

This first one is a Bob Proctor meditation. I love the way he words things, and some of the statements have become little incantations that I’ll do on my morning walk.

After that one I got hooked on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s stuff and this meditation:

And lately, this one from Dr. Wayne Dyer. It’s super long, and after the first ten minutes or so of talking it’s all sounds and music, so I put it on when I go to bed and just fall asleep to it.

This last one is from Tony Robbins. It’s actually an exercise that he does at his Unleash the Power Within workshops. I attended the event in San Jose in March this year,and it actually was just like this video. It is one huge party for three days! If you do this one- make sure you DO it! Play all out. Pour your emotions into it, that’s where the greatest power lies, and the greatest results.

Whether these resonate with you like they do for me or not, make sure to feed your mind the good stuff, every day!