You may have heard that saying, attributed to Albert Einstein, about the definition of insanity. It goes something like this, in case it’s new to you: insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

It’s simple. Everyone can absolutely see the truth in this. Everyone can see, for example, that if you don’t water the garden at all during a hot spell, it will dry up. No matter how many times you try this, it will always dry up. Same approach, same result.

I finally realized this same truth about my efforts to improve the quality of my life a while back. That’s why, when I made the major change of selling my house and had some money to work with, I vowed to do things differently-very differently. Where before I would take the free mini-course, for example, or watch a Youtube video on the subject, I told myself that now I would go to the seminars, take the full course.

Old habits can be hard to break free from, and there were times when I could feel myself resisting this new way of being. What made me follow through was to remind myself. I’d say, out loud, to myself “Lynda, where did doing things the old way get you? Not where you wanted to be. So do this in the exact opposite way!” This commitment to doing things exactly the opposite of how I used to made it much easier to decide upon a course of action when it was time to.

My old m.o. was to figure everything out on my own. I didn’t want too many other people’s ideas in my head and felt like I should have everything I needed inside of me, without some guru telling me how to do things. I didn’t want to spend money on a seminar when money was already in short supply. I’d rather not have to travel and fork out for a hotel and take the time away from my comfortable life….I see now that I just wasn’t willing to do things differently, even for what I said I wanted.

My new m.o. became to learn- learn from people who had achieved more than me, learn new ways of thinking, learn new ways of being and acting. And to pay to get that education too! To stop being so cheap when it came down to my personal development, and be willing to invest the time and money to become better.

In one of the first programs I purchased (and borrowed money to do so!), John Assaraf interviews many highly successful people, and he asks each of them how much money they think they’ve invested in their own personal development over the years. The answers ranged from the hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple millions of dollars! That made a huge impact on me. I’ve realized lately, after spending my own tens of thousands of dollars on personal development in the past couple of years, that I had just been UNWILLING to spend the time and  money before. It had nothing to do with being broke. I was just too lazy, basically, and didn’t see it as a worthwhile expense.

Did I ever miss out by having such a poor attitude! Not anymore, though! In the past six months I’ve been to numerous live events and training sessions, purchased an online Mastermind course about a subject I’m fascinated with and has huge income earning potential, signed up for coaching with a Tony Robbins coach, and hit up the gym with a trainer instead of just on my own.  Since I decided to change my approach in this way, I’ve had more new experiences, stretched myself as a person, and enjoyed life more in six months than in the past ten YEARS! It’s true!

All of this happened because I learned from others the value of investing in yourself. Turns out there’s a reason why every outstanding individual on the planet says the same thing.

There are so many ways for you to improve the quality of any part of your life! If you see a little bit of yourself in the old me, I want you to ask yourself-“Has doing things this way given me what I want?” If the answer is no, then you can ask something like “How could I do things differently so I do get what I want?”  For me, as I said, the easiest way was absolutely the opposite! If I wouldn’t have spent the money on the course before- I made sure to take the course this time! If I would have signed up for the half day event before, I signed up for the whole thing this time.

Do I regret spending the money? Taking the time away from home to travel? Hell no! Has my life improved immeasurably because of it all? You bet it has.  I’m not saying that you need to go to seminars or get coaches or join masterclasses, but you do need to do something differently than you are now if you want things to get better!

I’m including a link here for a Youtube video of John Assaraf, in case he’s new to you. It’s just a short little blurb, but you can get a feel for him and what he’s all about, so check it out!